So here we are Weigh-in Wednesday week #2 of my year-long journey to weight loss and healthy living.

(Here is the week one post ( ))

Weigh-In Wednesday Week #2 UPDATE: I weighed myself today and I am at 159.6. I have lost almost 3 pounds this week.

Since the beginning of the year, I have walked 10,000+ steps every day. I get most of that done by doing laps around my office on my breaks and lunch (I work at a desk and can eat my lunch at any time). When I get home my oldest daughter loves to dance so we sometimes have dance parties. Especially now that she has discovered Disney Descendents she absolutely loves those movies. So all those little things help me a lot in getting my steps in.

Another thing I did was I went to a Zumba class at our local YMCA. If you have a YMCA locally I recommend you go and check it out because they have so much to offer. I have to say the class was extremely fun but also challenging as well I kept tripping over my own two feet. The music was upbeat and kept the energy going. I was just about drenched in sweat afterward. I am hoping to start making it a weekly thing to help with this weightloss journey.

Food-wise I have drunk more water and eaten fewer snacks, which is hard when you work at a desk and get the boredom munchies. Everyone knows the boredom munchies, where you think you are hungry but in actuality, you are just bored and need something to do, happens to me every day. But I have been really good this past week and not snacking as much as I usually do.

Goals for this week: Well this week I obviously hope to lose a few more pounds. I know It is slow going but I am excited to see the scale start to go down. I am also hoping to learn some office exercises to work on in my cubical just to help some more. If you have any ideas leave a comment below.

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