Update on life: Ella’s surgery

Okay so Update on Life Ella’s Surgery. On July 25th Ella and I spent the night at my moms as she was going to be having dental surgery the next day. I slept on an old pull out in my old bedroom while mom stayed with Ella so that I could get some sleep. I didn’t sleep as the mattress was thin and uncomfortable. Also my pups (who had training that night so she was with us) thought it was time to play.

Next morning we got up super early to take my two sisters to work as my step dad had their van. We then headed down to CHP. As most of you know whom have had surgery you cannot eat after midnight, well try telling a 3 yr old that, the whole drive down Ella was cranky and signing eat. To top it off her surgery wasn’t until 1…Lovely. Well we get down there earlier then our appointment but they took us back anyways. We sat in a room with a hangry Ella and nothing we did seem to help.

Then they told us that they needed to put drops in her eyes as she was having an eye exam too since she never sits still during the actual ones. What I mean by drops are super strong dilation drops, 2 in each eye 3 times 10 min apart…. That did not help with the hangry Ella let me tell you. ┬áSo then they came in with a sedative to help calm her down before taking her back, and finally she started to calm down. Then they took her back to start the hour and a half surgery/eye exam.

After surgery.

My mom and I went to get lunch then came back and waited till the doctors came to see us. Eye doctor said that she did need new glasses which didn’t surprise us. Then the dental surgeon came out and said they ended up taking 2 more teeth then planned as they were broke beyond repair. They also put silver caps on 4 of her teeth. 15 min or so after doctors came and updated us we were able to go back and see her in recovery. She looked miserable. Her mouth was all bloody she was sleeping but restless.

They told us we had to get her to wake up and drink 4 oz before we could leave, she wasn’t having it. I think it took 4 hours before we could get her to take anything and it wasn’t even a drink. We got her to eat a pudding cause they said at this point anything we can get into her stomach the better. After that we took a very upset little girl down to the car to take her home. From the time we left recovery to the time we got her in the car she was screaming no matter what we did. When we got in the car we were hoping she would go back to sleep, but she didn’t and she screamed for 3 hours straight.

Car Ride

I was an emotional wreck. My mom cannot drive long distances so I drove, and I had to pull over multiple times to get out and take a breather. It was so hard to drive with my eyes full of tears. I know other moms can understand this. I could not stand to see my baby in pain and it was killing me inside, to the point where I told my husband to drive down and meet us at my moms cause there was no way I could drive without someone with me. Between Shadow and a screaming Ella I knew I wasn’t going to make it home especially on what little sleep I have had.


When we got home finally we still couldn’t get her to drink even her pain meds. Thankfully her main nurse was working that night and was able to get her to take some. I think I was asleep before the nurse even got there all I know is I just wanted to forget that day ever happened. Also I had to work all day the next day. It took her a few days to finally fully drink anything but I am just glad she was eating the soft stuff.


Today she is finally back to eating her favorite foods again and seems to have healed nicely. I am just glad its over

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