I Am Going Back To Work

Am I seriously going back to work???

Yep I am…how do I feel about it? Well not to great to be honest. I am freaking out. I haven’t worked in almost 3 years. And to be honest I really don’t wanna go back but in order to get our finances in order this is something I have to do. What am I doing you might ask? Well I have decided to put my degree to use and do something that needs a degree. I am going to be a substitute teacher for our local schools. I am starting out as a substitute for the IU. Which for those who don’t know what that is, it is the Intermediate Unit which are classes in local schools for special needs students.

Am I nervous???

HECK YEAH…Tuesday next week is my observation day and I am a nervous wreck. Not because I am leaving Ella, because my husband will be home with her, but I am nervous to fail. Having really bad anxiety stupid me decided to go do something that requires me to stand in front of a classroom. I have taught before, not in a school setting though. I taught as an intern at a photography studio that also taught classes. That wasn’t to hard but it was also something I knew a lot about.

Now starting out I am going into the local Elementary School and I will go from there. I figure as I have also helped with bible study at church and babysat the kids that the younger kids would be an easy start. One thing I am excited about though is working with kids with special needs. As a mom with a little girl with special needs herself, helping others with disabilities makes my heart fill with joy. Also I enjoy the fact that I can work as little or as much as I want. As a mama to a daughter with special needs that is crucial, it will also help with my anxiety I hope. Today my little sister got me a new lunch box and a whole thing of pens, markers, pencils and such and it all became so real. I start next week.

So if everyone could say a little prayer for me I would very much appreciate it. I plan on updating my teaching story as I go on, so I hope you follow along 🙂