Dear Disney Junior…..Thank You

Dear Disney Junior…..THANK YOU.

Dear Disney Junior, as I sit here watching Doc Mcstuffins for the upteen billionth time, I come to the realization this is such an amazing show, especially when you have a medically fragile child. Okay my daughter is only three so she doesn’t fully understand the whole concept. Though i know when she is older it will probably help her out more then you realize. Now that you even came up with the Toy Hospital concept it makes it even better. My daughter Ella is going to be having yet another surgery in a few weeks. Even though its just dental surgery to get some teeth removed but still she’ll be put under. She Has Down Syndrome, AVSD (Repaired), and sleep apnea, as a mom I’m always scared when she gets put under.

How the show can help and is helping children.

Okay so back to the show, I love the episode that has Niki Nickleson going to the ER for the 1st time. It also shows how different machines work and how they can help show what is wrong. I mean in the one episode where Willow Whiskers needs a C.A.T scan Doc even tells her what it means. It also helps showing how Stuffy was scared of the ambulance, yet that emt was so helpful and kind. How awesome is that.  It will help kids understand that its okay to be scared, but the doctors, nurses, emts and other medical personnel are there to help you. I can go on and on about how that show shows kids that even though hospitals and doctors look scary they are there to help you feel better

Ella has been in the hospital multiple times, has had multiple surgeries and still goes to so many Dr. Appointments. She will probably have more in her future, but as a little kid she doesn’t understand. Though I am so thankful for this show growing up watching this show I know she will learn that its okay. So again thank you Disney Junior and creator Chris Nee for this show, because this show is such a blessing in our lives. And the lives of families of medically fragile children.




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