Hiatus is Ending…I Hope

Hiatus is Ending….I Hope Hey guys I apologize for being away for the last few months, and I am hoping this Hiatus is ending now.  It has been a busy couple of months and before I knew it, it was November already…Well in the last few months Ella has started school at Headstart and has […]

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Please Don’t Take It For Granted

Please don’t take it for granted, and by it I mean a normal life. I will say it again, please don’t take it for granted. As it is summer time I see a lot of posts about vacation or kids spending the night with family. I will say this I am happy for y’all but […]

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For The Love Of Laundry And All That Is Dirty

For the Love of Laundry and All That is Dirty… I hate laundry mats…. For the love of laundry and all that is dirty…I Hate Laundry Mats. Okay well that is partially true as I hate having to drive to do laundry. Since our dryer kicked the bucket we have been spending a lot of […]

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Dear Disney Junior…..Thank You

Dear Disney Junior…..THANK YOU. Dear Disney Junior, as I sit here watching Doc Mcstuffins for the upteen billionth time, I come to the realization this is such an amazing show, especially when you have a medically fragile child. Okay my daughter is only three so she doesn’t fully understand the whole concept. Though i know […]

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Does Mama Brain Ever Go Away?

I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached. Yes yes I know that saying is said all the time but i’m not kidding. Today I woke up after barely sleeping last night due to my chronic back pain and Ella was awake. I went and grabbed her to lay her down beside me while my […]

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What The Doctors Never Told Me

When you are pregnant with your first child it can be scary enough, but when that child you are carrying has something “wrong” with them makes it even worse. Now I put the word “wrong” in quotes because there is nothing wrong with my daughter, but that’s how the doctors acted. I was about 12 […]

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