I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached.

Yes yes I know that saying is said all the time but i’m not kidding. Today I woke up after barely sleeping last night due to my chronic back pain and Ella was awake. I went and grabbed her to lay her down beside me while my husband got ready for work. He rarely works on a Monday so I didn’t think anything about it. Well it wasn’t until after he left that I remembered that I was supposed to go to a meeting for Ella. I felt like such an idiot, as we only have the one vehicle I called everyone I could think of to get a ride. It was a no go. So I had to call up the case manager for Early Intervention and said we would have to reschedule.

Am I gonna be a good advocate for her?

With Ella having a disability there is so much I need to know that I just cannot remember it all. I mean pretty soon we will have to have a meeting to talk about her IEP for preschool. When you have a typically developing child, yeah you gotta know if its a good school but with a special needs child there is SO much more. From IEP to nursing to making sure they are going to treat her right, not like the stories you hear. I just don’t know how to learn about it  all. My mama brain feels like I am in college again.

Thankfully our local Down Syndrome group has a lending library so I borrowed a few books about IEPs and Wrights Law. All of them were written by Paul Wright who is an attorney who specializes in children with special needs rights. I almost got to go to a seminar he was having but wasn’t able to attend then. So much I need to learn and it feels like no time at all to learn it. Ella turns 3 in April which is when Early Intervention ends. So she has to go into preschool to continue to get services. I don’t want to put her on the wrong track in life so I guess its time to crack open the books and start learning.


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