Depression sucks especially during the winter when the winter Blues hit.

Everyone has heard of the winter blues, and I am sure everyone gets them at some point. When you live with depression, its life a constant state of winter blues. This year winter has been especially hard, with lack of finances and losing a loved one.

This year my husband spent a while looking for a job after loosing his back in may. It took him about 5 months to find another job, so it hit us hard financially.

When Christmas came around we could barely afford presents for our daughter. Thankfully we were able to get enough and also a nice church donated some toys for her. I found a Cozy Coup cars at a swap meet. fixed it up by painting it lilac and plum. Even though we were able to get her presents doesn’t mean that I didn’t spend a lot of time feeling depressed. I sat there when we went to different family Christmas parties and watched Ella opening presents from everyone knowing we as her parents weren’t able to give her as many gifts as we wanted. It is sad how Christmas has become very materialistic. At least Ella is only 2.5 and won’t remember this year much.

Loosing  a Fur Baby is hard.

To add to it, on the Monday before Christmas my roughly 10 year old puppy passed away after being sick for a while. I was going to put her to sleep in November but she then started acting better so I thought that maybe she was just sick and finally felt better. She was walking better and even was able to go outside. Then on Monday she fell asleep and didn’t wake back up. I have been devastated ever since. She was my baby before Ella.  It was so hard I cried for two days straight. Thankfully Johnny was off so I could take some time to breathe and he watched Ella. Sometime maybe next year we will add another furbaby to the mix, maybe even siblings for Ella and I.

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Have you ever dealt with the winter blues or loosing a furbaby? Send me a reply, how long did it take you to get over it?

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