For the Love of Laundry and All That is Dirty…

I hate laundry mats….

For the love of laundry and all that is dirty…I Hate Laundry Mats. Okay well that is partially true as I hate having to drive to do laundry. Since our dryer kicked the bucket we have been spending a lot of time at the laundry mat. Mostly, like right now, at 10 o’clock at night. But hey whatever usually at this time its peaceful and quiet and I can sit and read a book or something but man this laundry mat is busier then usual. Oh hey guess what Spin Cycle WOOOHOOO…not…

Anyways I doubt you want to hear about my times spent at the laundry mat I mean how boring is that haha.

Excited Mama Post

So who wants to hear some EXCITING news??? ELLA GOT ACCEPTED TO HEADSTART!!!!! This mama is super proud of her little girl she will be starting full time this fall while still going her 2 half days of her center based classroom, which awesomely enough is right down the hall from headstart.

Besides that she had her pre op appointment today. Next week she goes under again this time for her teeth. Which lets face it are not the greatest, between her sensory issues and having brittle teeth she has at least 3 broken ones up front alone. She wont leaver her moth open enough for anyone to see the back ones but that’s what this surgery will help with too. I have a feeling she is gonna be miserable. I mean when my husband got his done he was. Oh and how in the world are we gonna be able to take care of them if brushing her teeth can sometimes be ┬áproblem in itself. All I know is next week is gonna be FUN…pray for t ohis mama :/

Whelp time to switch over laundry bye y’all

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