Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Day #2 Extra Appointments

So Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Day #2 Extra Appointments wont be super long as there was only 2 “extra” appointments. Yes we had a lot of ultrasounds because of her diagnosis but I am talking above that.

Extra Appointments #1 Geneticist

So unfortunately due to my health issues, my memory is not the greatest so I don’t remember this appointment much. I do remember parts though so I will tell you what I do remember. So when we went there again there was a discussion of how her life might be and whether we wanted an abortion or amnio which of course we declined. I asked my husband if he could remember the appointment and he remembers basically what I did. Trying to be coerced into doing something we did not want to do, just because of her diagnosis. I don’t think it helped that we were also young and 1st-time parents. I have a feeling that we had that going against us as well during this whole time.

Extra Appointments #2 Fetal Echo

For those who do not know, one of the traits of having Down Syndrome is the potential to have a congenital heart defect or CHD. (so if you see CHD used in anything else that is what it means). So because of this, we got scheduled for what’s called a fetal echo. If you do not know what an echo is think of it as a glorified ultrasound but of the heart. A fetal echo is basically the same thing a more in-depth ultrasound of the baby’s heart. Our appointment was super early in the morning, I want to say like 7 am because the cardiologist wanted to fit us in before her regular appointments. She was up from Children’s Hospital for her clinic day, meaning she was actually a pediatric cardiologist.

We get there and they bring us back to the room and the echo technician starts the echo. Let me just say how they can understand anything during those scans is absolutely incredible. They check the blood flow using 2 different colors to see if everything is running smoothly and according to the echo it was. The tech left to bring in the doctor as she also wanted to go over things and she also said everything looked fine.

Though we find out later why everything looked fine…which is a story for a future date. So please come back and read up on more of Ella’s journey with Down Syndrome.

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